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Solutions for scarce resources.

How Blue Competence safeguards our supply of resources

We must confront the reality of the situation: Our resources are limited. This is why the mechanical engineering industry has developed solutions which conserve our resources. They do this on the one hand by making highly efficient use of the raw materials available. On the other hand, secondary raw materials and the substitution of raw materials in production, movement and supply are becoming increasingly important.

For example, discarded computers, used batteries and electric motors contain a considerable quantity of valuable non-ferrous metals such as copper, lead and aluminium which can, by employing suitable technologies, be reconditioned and used as secondary raw materials. Substitution involves a raw material or material with comparable properties being used instead of the raw material which is scarce, e.g. aluminium instead of copper.

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Three specific insights

Optimised production processes in wood processing

In wood processing, careful use of the valuable resource is now becoming established throughout the entire process chain: Intelligent cutting processes make optimum use of the trunk and the consumption of the precious materials can also be produced when manufacturing wooden panels and boards. Thanks to these new technologies, thousands of cubic metres of wood are saved each year.

The zero-waste concept

A large quantity of waste materials of different compositions is produced in integrated steelworks. A process for integrated utilisation of these substances turns these former waste products into the basic materials used for building stone for waterways, valuable fuel gas or zinc..

Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mill

Recovery of raw materials thanks to exhaust air cleaning systems

In foil rolling mills for aluminium, ecologically and economically highly efficient exhaust air cleaning systems not only cleanse the exhaust air, but also filter the entrained rolling oil: 95% of the rolling oil which is emitted each day with the exhaust air is thus recycled back into the production process.

Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mill

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