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Solutions for a better life

How Blue Competence creates more quality of life

Acting sustainably does not mean having to abandon a high standard of living – quite the contrary. Apart from the fact that we benefit from responsible use of energy or resources, sustainability always has a social dimension. One-sided considerations of environmental protection, profitability or political questions are only rarely meaningful. Sustainable solutions are based on integration and the coordination of interests. Thus ensuring and enhancing our quality of life over the long term, requires taking all aspects into account and particularly thinking about all of humanity. In future, we will be confronted with an higher life expectancy and the consequences of the ever increasing average age of the population will be major cities, which attract an increasing number of people and grow into mega-cities of completely new dimensions. That means an annual global population increase of 80 million people, who have to be fed and supplied with water. These are just a few examples of the many challenges, which directly impinge on our quality of life and which we must meet – with concrete, technical solutions such as innovative technology for water supply and water treatment or for modern agriculture.

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Five specific insights

Food for the world

Food supply for the world's population cannot be maintained sustainably without modern agricultural technology, food processing and packaging. High-tech solutions took over meadows, fields and animal stalls a long time ago. They increase the efficiency of agriculture, reduce environmental pollution as a result of their operating equipment and provide transparency for the consumer.

Supply of goods

In cities that are continuously growing, supplies for its inhabitants are becoming increasingly difficult. The mechanical engineering industry is currently developing a new system for megacities in which aerodynamic capsules are propelled along underground tunnels using RFID (radio frequency identification) and will deliver goods completely automatically.

Accessible lift systems

In the case of lifts, sensors for monitoring door movement, optimised stopping precision, sufficiently large lift cars, spoken announcements and operating elements of a sufficient size and at a sufficient height allow the building to be used and accessed by all people.

Lifts and escalators

Tube systems for urban goods supply

Cities that are growing ever larger are making it a real logistical challenge to supply goods to the residents. This is why mechanical engineers and plant design engineers are currently developing a new system for mega-cities which moves the transportation of goods down into an underground system of tunnels: aerodynamic capsules fitted with RFID codes could soon perform the transportation of goods within the centre of major cities.


Ergonomic order-picking workstations

Employees at an average order-picking workstation move goods with a total weight of up to 1000 kg in each shift. Special, ergonomically adapted workstations mean, for example, that the goods can be transported to the employee inclined at an angle so that they are easier to grip and handle. The movement processes which are optimised and harmonised as a result of this help to considerably ease the physical burden placed on the body.


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