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Solutions for lower operating costs

How Blue Competence reduces life cycle costs

The German mechanical engineering industry offers solutions which, thanks to optimised energy efficiency, consistent process optimisation and the use of secondary raw materials, make a massive contribution to reducing the life cycle costs.

Compared with 1998-2000, today companies in Germany save almost seven billion euros a year as a result of using modern machinery and equipment. By 2022, the annual potential saving may be as high as 20 billion euros. These figures clearly illustrate that sustainability does not just have an ecological and a social dimension – but also has an economic impact.

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Three specific insights

Compact strip production

In conventional continuous casting, the cast blocks must first of all cool down before they are heated back up to around 1,200 degrees so that they can be rolled to form 1-8 mm thick hot-rolled strip. With compact strip production, this costly reheating process is no longer needed and less rolling is also required. The result of this is up to 40% lower energy costs.

Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mill

Efficient building automation

The automatic control, monitoring and optimisation of technical supply facilities such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology and lighting allows buildings to be operated in a particularly energy-efficient way and offers opportunities for enormous savings: In Germany, the potential to minimise costs as a result of building automation amounts to around € 1.3 billion per year.

Optimisation of the flows of goods and information

In companies, heterogeneous flows of goods and information demand intelligent, interdependent handling and communication solutions. Using powerful software solutions, it is possible to control and manage material flow systems and order-picking systems, conventional and automatic warehouses or distribution and logistics centres in an optimum way. The advantages of this are smoother processes, lower costs and increased efficiency.


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