Woodworking and processing machinery

Efficiency for a renewable raw material


Wood is the most important renewable raw material and is highly environmentally friendly and sustainable if cultivated responsibly – the term "sustainability" comes from forestry.

What is important, also for wood processing, is to be able to use modern production procedures throughout the entire process chain to radically reduce the resources needed and therefore also to reduce the costs, so as to optimize the end products' environmental balance. German producers of woodworking machinery and tools are globally respected as technology leaders and keep developing procedures that

  • lower production waste and emissions
  • utilise waste and faulty wood ranges
  • save energy and material when machining, pressing and coating
  • create individual and sustainably usable products made of wood.

Examples for this are intelligent cutting procedures in saw mill technology that get the most out of every trunk, or optimized panel structures and glueing methods when producing wooden composites that save thousands of cubic meters of wood and glue every year. Furniture made of light-weight building panels or dovetailed solid wood panels, the industrial processing of coats without solvents for surface coating, using engineered wood products in civil engineering – these and many other innovations today already enable a very high level of sustainability in the fields of building, living and interior design. Thanks to efficient machines and plants, wood has a great future.

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