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Solutions for new energy sources

How Blue Competence allows clean energy production

Against the backdrop of dwindling resources, alternative forms of generating energy such as wind power, hydroelectric power and biogas have an important role to play.

But what many people are unaware of is that it is often only the innovative technologies of the mechanical engineering industry that actually make it possible to exploit these alternative possibilities for supplying energy. For instance, we actively help to encourage environmentally sustainable power generation with our solutions.

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Three specific insights

Modern wind farms

Large wind farms off the German coast will in a few years from now make a vital contribution to safeguarding the energy supply in Germany. Given the great depths of water involved, the German mechanical engineering sector is entering new technological territory and, working together with the maritime industry, it is providing the cornerstone for innovative energy utilisation. An offshore wind farm generates around 50 times the amount of energy compared with an onshore wind farm in 1990.

Flexible gas-fired power plants

Modern gas-fired power plants, in combination with downstream steam turbines, to form what are known as combined-cycle power plants, allow very high levels of efficiency of over 60% during power generation. However, what is even more important for the transformation of the way we supply energy is the fact that these power plants offer the possibility of covering the demand for power, which will quickly change in the future, in line with the actual need. The flexible deployment and the constant availability of modern gas-fired power plants makes them indispensable for delivering a secure and reliable supply of power with constantly growing proportions of fluctuating power generation from renewable energies. Not least, these gas-fired power plants can also use biogas as well as natural gas.

CO2-neutral biogas power plants

In biogas power plants, the fermentation of plant matter means that the first thing produced is biogas. In a combined heat and power plant, this biogas is then converted into power and useful thermal heat by means of powerful combustion engines. As the CO2 which is produced during the incineration was previously bound during the growth of the plants, the generation of power and heat is CO2-neutral.

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