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Energy efficiency

Solutions for more energy efficiency

How Blue Competence lowers energy consumption

Whether it involves individual machines such as pumps, compressors, turbines, furnaces, mills and motors or entire plants, the most significant force driving innovation to achieve energy efficiency is by some distance the mechanical engineering industry.

Compared with the level of consumption in 2000, the products manufactured by the mechanical engineering industry today are already allowing energy savings to be achieved which are equivalent to the electricity demand of all 48 million households in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! In ten years, the use of innovative machinery and plants will in fact allow these savings to be doubled.

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Three specific insights

Radial fans

Fans for cooling and ventilation have been optimised again and again in terms of their power, flexibility and above all their energy consumption: With improved aerodynamics and intelligent drive systems, efficient fans save 43,000,000 kWh across Europe every single year. More advanced designs such as radial fans will in future make it possible to achieve efficiency levels of up to 80%.

Optimisation of pump systems

Modern pump systems allow industry to achieve high energy-saving effects: highly efficient motors, frequency converters with a variable rotational speed, hydraulic equalisation of the hot water network and temperature-dependent regulation help to deliver a 50% lower level of consumption.

Highly efficient lifts

Many lift components can have a positive impact on how much energy a lift system consumes: intelligently controlled lift car lighting, display elements and door actuator reduce energy consumption when the lift is at a standstill. Drives with a higher level of efficiency have a positive influence on energy consumption during travel and a smoke extraction opening in line with requirements minimises heat losses from the building through the lift shaft. The result: a reduction in energy consumption of up to 45%.

Lifts and escalators

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