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More energy efficiency in production

The European machine tool industry is synonymous around the world with technical innovation at the highest level – and this is also true when it comes to sustainability. In particular as far as energy efficiency is concerned, it defines the state of the art and plays a leading role internationally. Every single day machine toolmakers show what can be achieved with innovative solutions. And they demonstrate how productivity and energy efficiency can be combined with one another to achieve an excellent result.

What does this actually mean? Modern axis and spindle drives feed energy back again directly. Intelligent stand-by concepts optimise processes during the operation of the machine and thus conserve resources. Savings on materials reduce the energy demand during acceleration processes. Systems for heat recovery utilise lost heat for preheating or for heating. These are just a few of countless examples of sustainable technology. And the sector is continuously working on further, even better solutions.

However, it has long since been clear that sustainability and energy efficiency are not a stand-alone solution. It is all about thinking outside of the box. Suppliers and customers also need to be on board in order to be able to exploit all of the potential for more sustainability across the entire life cycle of the machine. Energy-efficient components and the energy-conscious use of the machines are important points to note here.

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