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The STILL RX 70 Hybrid is the first diesel-hybrid forklift from serial production with electric power transmission

The RX 70 Hybrid is the most fuel efficient diesel forklift truck of its class.

The challenge in sustainability:

Rising energy prices, stricter emission regulations and a growing ecological consciousness give rise to a demand for more fuel efficient, low emission trucks in intralogistics. The idea is to deploy a technology that transforms kinetic energy into electric energy and which can be reused for propulsion.

The initial situation:

When braking, the brake system of the truck generates heat. The brake system needs to be cooled respectively. This applies especially to the operation of forklift trucks that brake. Hybridising the truck allows to reduce the fuel consumption.

The solution:

When accelerating, energy is transmitted form the electric energy storage to the electric drive motor and this reduces the work load of the diesel engine. STILL has developed an energy storage that can quickly collect and release the large quantities of energy of the drive consumes and produces. This energy storage consists of so called double layer capacitors (Ultracaps). These allow optimum use of the energy storage. Besides this, the power electronics needed to be adapted. The respective development was carried out by STILL as well.

The sustainable strengths:

In rough applications, the RX 70 Hybrid offers a 20 percent advantage with respect to the fuel consumption compared to a standard truck. Another means to reduce fuel consumption is a more efficient way to operate the diesel engine. This is achieved by shifting the performance and by deploying an engine with a lower nominal capacity (downsizing). Saving fuel makes better use of resources and fewer emissions reduce the environmental impact. Besides this, the truck is less noisy when accelerating, because the work load of the diesel engine is reduced by up to 30 percent, the engine speed can be reduced by up to 200 rpm.

The inventors:


Brief profile of the company:

Name: STILL GmbH
Headquarter:  Hamburg
Year established: 1920
Employees: over 7300
Solutions: STILL offers customised internal logistics worldwide. STILL implements the harmonised interplay of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, software and services.
Internationality: 17 subsidiaries, 141 dealers and over 2,200 service points