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Water technology


Energy efficient and resource-friendly

The Process Plant and Equipment Association within VDMA takes part in the Blue Competence initiative. Our member companies supply energy efficient and resource-friendly solutions which are exemplary for the very highest plant safety. They see themselves as their customers' partners, whose problems they embrace as their own technological challenges.

Covering the entire process chain from the treatment of untreated water consisting of ground and surface water, via both industrial and municipal waste water treatment right down to sludge disposal – they can offer customers optimized solution concepts that are tailor-made for each particular application.


Energy efficient plant and systems that save water as a resource have to be understood as integrative systems. Both ecologically and economically, they will make optimal use of the natural resources of water, energy and recyclable materials. In the industrial sector, which worldwide amounts to 24 percent of the water consumption, recycling is the key to sustainability since closed water circuits and the reutilization of water and water ingredients reduce water consumption and minimize waste water production.


To achieve a sustainable water protection, the treatment of industrial waste water carrying high loads of organic material, as e.g. in the food processing industry, generally must be based on multi-stage processing concepts. These energy optimized processing system solutions achieve the target of low discharge limits combined with a positive CO2 balance. The systematic combination of anaerobic pre-treatment and aerobic post-treatment makes it possible to transform up to 80 percent of organic ingredients into usable bio-gas.

Quality of life

The high requirements set for the water and waste water treatment technology necessitate a continuous adaption and development of existing technologies which also have to meet the challenges of the arid regions in this world.

A new generation of drinking water treatment systems applies new processes and a modular and thus situation-conform configuration. Water gets partially desalinated in an eco-friendly and at the same time efficient way by reducing nitrates and sulfates. This technology can be used worldwide for emergency drinking water provisioning.

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