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Conservation of resources, efficiency, safety

Process Technology enables sustainability

The Process Plant and Equipment Association within VDMA takes part in the Blue Competence initiative. Our member companies supply energy efficient and resource-friendly solutions which are exemplary for the very highest plant safety. They see themselves as their customers' partners, whose problems they embrace as their own technological challenges.

A responsible handling of natural resources and an eco-friendly business strategy are highly significant for our member companies. With unwavering consistency, potential for more sustainability during operation and production processes was determined and new eco-friendly solutions that save resources were realized over the last years. The manufacturers of process plant and equipment are well aware that sustainable production processes are high on the priority list of their customers.

Conservation of resources

One of the core tasks of processing technology is the treatment of by-products that accumulate during production for energy recovery. Holistically designed equipment all through the value added chain allows organic residual matter such as food residue, glycerine, vegetable and animal fats to add their share to energy and heat production. Thus the cost-effectiveness of the plant is improved and eco-friendly energy produced.


Most processes in the chemical industry require great amounts of heating or cooling. Well targeted process optimisation or innovative systems allow a significantly more energy efficient design of process plant and equipment. The effects to strive for are: saving considerable amounts of energy in chemical and pharmaceutical processes and raising productivity.


Sophisticated, milligram exact dosing technology, exclusion of contamination, complete documentation of all production processes and full traceability are elementary requirements for the manufacturing of medicine, medical substances and healthy products.
With highly-efficient Track & Trace systems, not only pharmaceutical companies are able to trace their products back over the entire distribution chain. This improves the process and product safety, guarantees conformity with legal directives and country-specific regulations and secures originator and brand protection.

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