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Torque drive for tablet presses

Direct drive for a higher profitability and efficiency

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

Optimized drive for a reduced power consumption and less need of maintenance work while simultaneously decreasing the heat dissipation and noise. Aiming for a higher profitability and improved workplace conditions.

The initial situation:

Drive with gearbox

The solution:

Direct torque drive rigidly fixed to the turret shaft, eliminating the mechanical play and wear. The tablet press runs more smoothly and the drive needs almost no maintenance. The heat dissipation is significantly lower through less friction. Furthermore, as the torque drive operates without a gearbox there is no need of oil any more. The low energy consumption with a smooth torque curve results in potential energy savings of up to 50 %.

The sustainable strengths:

Energy savings, decreased heat dissipation, decreased wear/ need of maintenance, no oil

The inventors:

Fette Compacting GmbH

Brief profile of the company:

Name: Fette Compacting GmbH
Headquarters: Schwarzenbek by Hamburg
Year established: 1908
Solutions: Tablet presses for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, tablet tooling
Internationality: 7 subsidiaries (USA, Brazil, India, China, Singapore, France, Spain) + over 40 agents worldwide