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Thermo process technology

Sustainability in the context of industrial furnaces

Thermo process plants, commonly known as industrial furnaces, are a key technology that is indispensable in various fields. They are used by carmakers just as much as they are used in machinery construction, at foundries or in the aerospace industry.

The nature of the process means that industrial furnaces are one of the biggest industrial consumers of energy. In Germany, they account for almost 40 per cent of the total industrial energy demand and this is roughly equivalent to the annual consumption of around 14 million private households.

With this in mind, maximum energy efficiency is a more than justified demand – but this is nothing new for the furnace makers. For many decades now, they have been successfully developing their products to lower the energy demand. The result of this is that modern facilities are already up to 30% more efficient than old industrial furnaces. And even with new facilities, in some cases optimised concepts can generate a further energy saving of up to 15%.

In the future too, the sector will continue to adopt new solutions in order to generate a lower energy demand, fewer emissions and even higher safety standards. In addition to the repeated use of energy and water which is already commonplace today, other areas of focus will include the development of new types of burners and looking at the energy profile of manufacturing facilities and furnaces as a whole.