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Textile machinery

Innovations for sustainable progress

Sustainability covers a wide range of topics. Energy efficiency, raw material and material efficiency are just some of the important economic and ecological challenges for the international textile industry.

For the German textile machinery industry, sustainability has been around for quite some time. Innovations in textile machines have always helped to make production processes more efficient and more environmentally friendly. As the world champion of exports of textile machinery, the sector has a great responsibility in spreading the idea of sustainability within the industry.

Modern textile machines need less and less energy. Compared to older machines their operating costs have lowered considerably – in particular if the overall life cycle is taken into account. At the same time their environmental balance has improved.

It is no longer about optimizing the conditions for the manufacturer of textiles or resource-saving, low-energy production methods. Modern textile machines are also the key to the economic manufacture of innovative textiles, which are found in forward-looking, sustainable materials. Lightweight, fibre-reinforced plastics for example in wind turbines or aircraft where they make a significant contribution to fuel savings.


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