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Servo-electric Long-Stroke Grippers: Adaptable and energy-efficient

The adaptable mechatronic gripper EGA from SCHUNK provides for maximum flexibility at minimum energy consumption

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

Anyone who wants to produce different product variants economically, and at a minimum of resource consumption, requires particularly flexible system concepts. In this connection mechatronic gripping modules receive a key role. In the framework of the initiative "Mechatronik3," SCHUNK has released a complete module program for mechatronic solutions, which comprises simple yet adaptable electric grippers, and grippers with integrated intelligence.

The starting situation:

For decades, pneumatically actuated gripping systems have been continuously optimized. The design features and the mechanics are now fully matured. Commissioning and maintenance are often very easily solved that even operators with little expert knowledge can quickly manage them. Due to the increasing parts variation in many industries though they will soon reach their limits. In the future, more modules will be required here, which cover different parts ranges frequently.      

The solution – the sustainable technology/project/service:

The mechatronic long-stroke gripper EGA allows a flexible design of handling processes. It offers considerable scopes for the introduction of new products, sizes, or varieties in configuration. With adaption possibilities for all current servo motors, it can be very easily integrated into existing open and closed-loop control electronics as well as – directly interpolated as an additional axis. In other words it can be controlled with the identical instruction set as the subordinated robot. Moreover, the features of the system's control unit, with regard to programming, safety, or field busses can be directly used. The guidance cages of its base jaws are supported on balls, thus minimizing the friction, and optimally distributing the force so that the EGA is consistently precise, and disposes of a long service life. Compared with conventional, pneumatic long-stroke grippers, the direct energy consumption of the EGA is reduced by 75%, depending on the number of cycles. If the opposite is needed, there is a 15% energy savings for moving the gripper.

Sustainable strengths:

In applications with high parts variation, the mechatronic EGA offers clear advantages: It covers a broad spectrum of parts, and particularly lowers the energy or CO2  consumption in case of high number of cycles.

The inventor:

The SCHUNK R&D department for standard gripping systems always sees themselves as a pioneer in the field of efficient solutions for handling and assembly. In the course of 30 years, the world's largest product portfolio for standard grippers was developed (more than 10,000 components). Combined with the vast system programs for clamping technology SCHUNK offers a unique synergy of both business units on the market.

Short profile of the company:

Name: SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG
Headquarters: Lauffen/Neckar
Founding year: 1945
Number of employees: 2,000

  • System program gripping systems: gripping, rotary, and linear modules, robot accessories, components for modular assembly automation, and gripping system's solutions.
  • Mobile gripping systems
  • System program clamping technology: toolholding systems, stationary workholding, lathe chucks, chuck jaws, hydraulic expansion technology special solutions, and magnetic clamping technology
  • Laser technology

Internationality: 26 subsidiaries abroad