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Saving water and energy with the world's leader in dyeing and finishing

Wet finishing with air- the THEN-AIRFLOW technology reduces the liquor ratio (an indication of the water consumption) by 50%

The THEN-AIRFLOW technology enables a substantial reduction of the liquor ratio and at the same time, it saves time and energy - reliable and repoducible.

Water consumption in the textile production

To grow 1 kg of cotton, approximately 30.000 litres of water is needed. As we're running short on water, every measurement has to be taken to save this resource. Particularly in sectors with a traditional high water consumption.

Focus on dyeing and finishing

For dyeing and finishing, about 150 litres water per kg of fabric are needed. Mainly the impregnation of the fabric and the washing during the intersectional processes (like scouring, bleaching and dyeing) are responsible for the usage of primarily fresh water in the discontinuous applications. In the course of dyeing, the fabric is transported by a jet nozzle, which is circulating the dyeing liquor. Afterwards the fabric is plaited for dwelling in the dye bath as the second step of this cycle. This procedure is repeated constantly until the dyeing is completed.

Water saving, best of class: THEN-AIRFLOW

The patented THEN-AIRFLOW nozzle produces a mix of dye liquor and air, which helps not only to achieve a better penetration of the fabric;
it also reduces the necessary water for this process by half. Consequently, the fabric does not need dwelling time in the dye bath, like the traditional hydraulic systems. Above all that, less energy is needed to heat up the water and the overall dyeing time will be reduced.

As far as the washing is concerned, "Direct" and "Power Rinse" together with the opportunity to drain the water already at temperatures over 95°C also helps to save energy and time. During the rinsing pre-heated water matching the exact requirements of every single process is provided just in time to further shorten the cycle times and to save energy.


The best part of the THEN-AIRFLOW technology is the substantial reduction of the liquor ratio. It comes together with savings in time and energy, too. The consequence is a better effect- ecologically and economically. Reliable and reproducible.

The history of  THEN-AIRFLOW

Innovation starts with a simple thought. The thought of the R&D department of THEN was related to the huge volumes of water used during
the process of dyeing and finishing. With the special design of the nozzle, this volume now is created by an aerosol- a mix of air and dye liquor.
With this special application, the engineers of THEN could reduce the volume of water for this process substantially.

Brief profile of the company:

Year established: 2011
Employees: 110
Solutions: Machines and controls for the wet finishing
Internationality: Mother company in Hongkong