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Robotics and automation

For sustainable production and products

Whether a process involves robots, assembly and handling technology or industrial image processing – robotics and automation conserve resources and protect the environment. They do this firstly because they allow more sustainable production processes, and secondly because they provide the technical basis allowing many sustainable products to be manufactured in an economical way.

Producing things in a more efficient and resource-conserving way

Even in the actual manufacturing phase of products, a great deal of energy is often required. Automation technology can result in considerable savings here. Robots, for example, often require less power than conventional alternatives. Image processing technology is replacing manual checks and this minimises the reject rate. Innovative assembly and handling systems deliver maximum output while using only a small amount of resources.

Manufacturing sustainable technologies economically

What use are the most sustainable ideas for products if they cannot be manufactured economically? Robotics and automation help many sustainable solutions to achieve the breakthrough because they lower their production costs. The photovoltaics sector offers one example: high-quality solar panels are already manufactured in an automated fashion today. In just a few years, solar power could become competitive without any state subsidies thanks to modern production technologies.