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Reduction of CO2 emission by prolongation of spinning ring lifetime

Special additional surface treatment of spinning rings safes important environmental resources

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

Chromium coated spinning rings made of steel are subject to a wear process in the ring spinning process. In average each ring has to be replaced after about 6 years of service life. In case of a noticeable prolongation of this lifetime important environmental resources during production and disposal of these parts could be saved – besides a further benefit for the end-user.

The initial situation:

Worldwide about 35 million ring spinning spindles are equipped with chromium coated spinning rings. With an average service life of 6 years each about 7 million chromium coated spinning rings need to be replaced and disposed of. In case of prolongation of the life-time by 20% it is possible to produce and dispose of around 50 tons less steel each year.
Reiners + Fürst with its market share of about 45% can contribute to this task significantly and help to reduce the environmental impact by 40 tons of CO2 per year – about as much as during operation of around 20 cars for 20.000 km per year. Further savings also of energy resources can be expected by improvement of efficiencies of the ring spinning machines.

The solution:

The service life of chromium coated spinning rings is significantly influenced by the socalled lubrication film household. Only little lubrication film is provided especially by yarns which are spun at high speeds and/or Compact yarns. In these cases a lack of lubrication film may occur which significantly reduces the lifetime of the spinning rings. Reiners + Fürst searched for an additional surface treatment to optimize the lubrication film household also during times of lack of lubrication film. As part of a joint project involving a leading institute for textile technology and process engineering and Reiners + Fürst together with a surface coating supplier an additional surface treatment was found which is proven and tested to improve the lubrication film household significantly by about 30%.

The sustainable strengths:

Based on today's experiences and field tests it can be assumed that the lifetime of the spinning rings is extended by 20% with the newly developed surface treatment. Therefore it is expected that the impact on the environment will significantly and sustainably be reduced. At the same time the additional surface coating can be applied extremely environment-friendly.
The obvious advantages for our environment at the same time represent a benefit for the customer because of an improved price-performance ratio of the product. This in return further guarantees the strong existence of Reiners + Fürst in the market.

The inventors:

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Smekal
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Heinz-Willi Berger

Brief profile of the company:

Name: Reiners + Fürst GmbH u. Co. KG
Headquarters: Mönchengladbach, Germany
Year established: 1945
Employees: 62
Solutions: spinning rings and ring travellers
Internationality: agents in more than 90 countries