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Reduction of operating costs with energy efficiency

Environment-friendly technologies of the KAPP Group allow customers to assure sustainable production and the reduction of costs at the same time.

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

The energy consumption of the grinding machines offers potential savings, which have to be used.

The initial situation:

Pump drive: Operation without frequency converter. Activation of the pump through motor contactor. Flow control over mechanical valve.
Cooling and purged air: Gasket system with purged air. Overdimensioned cooling air.
Automatic turn-off: Machine keeps running in spite of parts shortage

The solution:

Pump drive:  Operation with frequency converter.
Cooling and purged air: Gasket system without purged air. Cooling air, optimally adjusted to your needs.
Automatic turn-off: Machine switches to stand-by when parts shortage occurs.

The sustainable strengths:

Environment-friendly technologies of the KAPP Group generate benefits in 3 respects:
Cost savings for the customer, environmental responsibility for the society and competitiveness for the manufacturer.
The relevant BLUecoMPETENCE topic areas:
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Brief profile of the company:

Name: KAPP Group
Headquarters: Coburg
Year established: 1953
Employees: 850
Solutions: Gear and profile grinding machines, CBN- and DIA- grinding tools, dressing tools.
Internationality: USA, Brazil, China, Japan