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Precision tools

Innovative, efficient, ergonomic

More efficiency, environmental protection, occupational health and safety and product quality – precision tools make all this possible. Every day tool manufacturers help to make our world more sustainable.

Energy and resource efficiency

Numerous innovations in the case of precision tools help to make more efficient use of energy and resources. For instance, combination tools reduce the number of tool changes required and allow energy-optimised processing with very few interruptions. New coatings increase the useful service life of tools. Innovative technologies minimise the demand for lubricant and coolant.

Environmental protection

Lightweight construction and new drive concepts such as electric motors or hybrid engines can make mobility more environmentally friendly. These drives are produced using materials which require special tool systems. The development of such systems is not just one of the exciting and challenging tasks for the precision tool sector, but actually makes the processing of the new materials possible in the first place.

Occupational health and safety and product quality

The stability of cutting tools offers maximum safety even at maximum rotational speeds. In addition, precision tools ensure reliable production and deliver durable industrial products. Greater resistance to wear gives punching tools a longer life. And modern measuring technology allows supreme product quality to be achieved.