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Food Processing Machinery: We create sustainability

Economical use of materials and energy through intelligent systems

The Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association within VDMA is part of the Blue Competence Initiative. The lowest possible use of resources and energy and eco-friendly processes rank among the foremost prerequisites for all manufacturing companies. With the help of intelligent systems of maximum resource efficiency, our members create energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions that save both energy and materials and as a result reduce costs.

Raw materials are the most valuable asset in the entire production chain. A responsible approach towards these agricultural products and eco-friendly management are given high priority by our member companies. Over the last years, these companies have consistently developed the potential for greater sustainability in operations and production processes and have realised new eco-friendly and resource-saving solutions.

Intelligent systems with the highest resource efficiency

Innovative systems help food producers to reach a low consumption of energy, water and compressed air. For example, the gas consumption of wafer baking ovens could be reduced by using a new heating system. New oven trays make the system more economical: their new design will achieve a better heat output and shorten the heating-up period.

Intelligent controls in baking ovens indicate which baking cavity will take how long to be ready for the baking programs selected. This makes it easy for the operator to select the position with the shortest warm-up time and to respond to the customer demand quickly while at the same time saving energy.

Reduced water consumption in the beverage production, use of process heat and water circuit recirculation create a positive energy balance for beverage technology. To give an example, by installing efficient components the primary energy consumption of a brew-house could be decreased by more than 50 percent. The same goes for the water consumption of a brewery which often reaches two digit numbers per litre beer and which now needs five litres or less per litre beer.

Raw materials – the basis of any production

In the processing of fruit juices for example, feedback systems to increase the yield or buffer tanks to absorb production interruptions are used and make it possible to run the production with the lowest possible loss. With efficient decanters and discharge systems, for example in the processing of fruits, high value wastes can be reallocated to another use: in the production of food additives, for use as animal feed or as fuel.

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