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MULTIVAC e-conceptTM: Reduced consumption of energy, cooling water and packaging films

Through the implementation of innovative drives and process technologies, the resource consumption of thermoform packaging machines can be considerably reduced.

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

The aim of MULTIVAC e-conceptTM is the reduction of energy, cooling water and packaging film consumption of the thermoform packaging process.

The initial situation:

The energy consumption of thermoform packaging machines is mainly driven by the thermoform and the evacuation process as well as by the energy requirement of the lifting units of the machine.
The temperature control of the thermoform packaging machine is based on a cooling water system.
Above all, the consumption of packaging films shall be reduced as much as possible.

The solution:

1.    Reduction of energy consumption
The pneumatic driven machine modules as lifting units and cutting systems are substituted by servo driven modules (-25% energy consumption). The vacuum is being produced with a servo driven vacuum pump by MULTIVAC, the MVP 600, which has 40% less energy consumption than conventional vacuum pumps.

2.    Reduction of cooling water consumption
The thermoform packaging machine is equipped with a cooling water flow control unit. This way, the cooling water consumption can be reduced by 50%.

3.    Reduction of packaging film consumption
Reduction of edge trims and sealing flanges of the packages through
•    Innovative tool designs for cutting and sealing
•    Equipment of the sealing station and the die cutter with a servo driven traversing unit.
This results in a reduction of the film consumption of 5%.

The sustainable strengths:

Due to the savings of MULTIVAC e-conceptTM in energy and packaging films, the investment in this machine concept is also attractive from an economic point of view.

The inventors:

MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller GmbH & Co. KG

Brief profile of the company:

Name: MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller GmbH & Co. KG
Headquarters: 87787 Wolfertschwenden
Year established: 1961
Employees: MULTIVAC Unternehmensgruppe: ca. 3.800
Solutions: Verpackungslösungen für Food, Medizin- und Life-Science-Produkte und Non-Food und Industriegüter
Internationality: ca. 65 Vertriebs- und Servicegesellschaften weltweit