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Long service life and high efficiency at low maintenance costs

The GARLOCK ONE-UP pump diaphragm is equipped with a specially developed PTFE layer. This represents a significant advantage to conventional PTFE diaphragms.  

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

The diaphragm is the heart of each diaphragm pump named after her. If this heart can beat longer the efficiency of the entire system increases significantly. Difficulties in assembling and various kinds of mechanical stress and aggressive chemicals create problems to the diaphragm. How to increase the efficiency and prolong the life time of these pumps?

Initial situation:

Diaphragms previously used in double-stroke diaphragm pumps come in two pieces and therefore are difficult to mount. The two pieces rub against each other and the PTFE diaphragm showing to the product side tears down quickly. The medium penetrates these cracks and destroys now the supporting elastomeric diaphragm. Pump efficiency is reduced, especially in severe operating conditions, and the diaphragms need to be replaced. By this means the maintenance costs increase significantly.

The solution:

The one-piece construction of the GARLOCK ONE-UP diaphragm is quite easy to install. Either with holes or with circumferential sealing bead the diaphragm can be fitted  easily in the pump housing. These robust one-piece diaphragms are outstanding due to their high efficiency and their low maintenance costs. For abrasive applications there is one special style available.

Sustainable strengths:

Long-life cycle: The diaphragm has to be replaced rather seldom.
Versatile: These diaphragms are suitable for the use against almost all chemicals.
Cost reduction: Lower maintenance and operating costs.

The inventor and developing team:

The inventor and developing area is managed by the product management and the application engineers of the GARLOCK GmbH, Neuss.

Company profile:

Name: GARLOCK GmbH, Neuss
Headquarters: Palmyra, USA
Year founded: 1886
Employees: 1900
Solutions: more than 100,000 sealing solutions for all industries
Internationality: 16 sites in 8 countries and a global sales network