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Save raw material with WASTECONTROL

WASTECONTROL is a unique tool for improving the economic efficiency of the blowroom by raw material savings.

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

Fibres should be part of the yarn and not of the waste. The costs for the raw material are the largest position in yarn price calculation. Raw material savings thus are the best opportunity to realise cost savings.

The initial position:

The cleaner shall obtain the best possible degree of cleaning without separating many good fibres. This requires that the setting of the cleaning elements is exactly adapted to the raw material. This is the task of WASTECONTROL.

The solution:

WASTECONTROL BR-WCT is an optical sensor that determines the composition of the waste.
The sensor detects how many fibres and how many trash particles are contained in the waste. The measuring process starts with closed cleaning elements. After that the deflector blades of these elements are slowly opened. In the process, the separation of trash particles increases. Starting from a certain point, however, too many good fibres are extracted. Thus it is obvious that the optimum working point for this raw material and for this cleaning element is just before that point.

The sustainable strengths:

WASTECONTROL helps to obtain a double benefit:WASTECONTROL helps to obtain a double benefit:

  • Reduction of the absolute amount of waste
  • Higher degree of cleaning

Our experience shows that it is easy to save 0.5% or even more waste in the blowroom when using WASTECONTROL.

As a consequence, a spinning mill using e.g. 10,000 t cotton per year can save between 62,000 US$ and 90.000 US$ raw material per year.

Easy operation and setting
In addition it is possible to enter specifications for determining the position of the deflector blades into the WASTECONTROL software. The operator may choose between

  • Maximum economy = "Economy"
  • Maximum quality = "Intensity" and
  • Standard = "Balance"

In the standard setting, an approved compromise between economy (amount of waste) and cleaning efficiency (remaining trash content) is made.

Brief profile of the company:

Name: Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG
Headquarters: Moenchengladbach, Germany
Year established: 1888
Employees: 2500

  • Fibre Preparation for Spinning mills
  • Turn key Nonwoven lines
  • Card Clothing

Internationality: Germany, China, India, USA, Brazil