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Sustainable solutions in harmony with the economy, ecology and society

Responsibility is the driving force and thus the backbone of sustainability. Accordingly, responsibility for sustainability is also the value basis and the compass for Blue Competence – the sustainability initiative of the mechanical engineering industry.

Sustainability is understood here to mean balancing and integrating economic, ecological and social aims. It is thus about responsibility in a wider sense, for instance for wealth, education and security, the natural world and the economic consequences of globalisation, structural change or demographic trends.


When sustainability is mentioned, this very term often conjures up basic expectations, requirements and hopes – for example in relation to new energy concepts, how to handle scarce resources or protect the environment in an effective way. But who takes responsibility for promoting sustainability in its many facets? And who has the potential to develop and offer practical solutions which are ready for the market?

Mechanical and plant engineering companies not only feel an obligation to do this, but they are in fact also the driving force and engine behind pioneering technologies which in fact enable many sustainability ideas to actually get off the ground. However, sustainable production processes and products are not always obvious at first glance.

This is why Blue Competence defines credible and resilient sustainability criteria and standards that all those who join the initiative must meet. Blue Competence therefore ensures greater transparency, makes it easier for people to know what they are dealing with and provides certainty – for all those who are looking for sustainable solutions and products or companies that act in a sustainable way.