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LoeschPack sustainability initiative: carbon neutral packaging

The first "CO2 -neutral" packaging machine from Loesch

The challenge with regard to sustainability:

Value creation from packaging machines requires a great deal of energy. Loesch wants to give back to the environment everything we take from it during the value-adding process in our company. In doing so, we balance out the emissions that are produced in this process.

The initial situation:

Within the framework of the "Piepenbrock goes green" campaign that is being run by our parent company, the Piepenbrock group of companies, Loesch has introduced the "carbon neutral packaging" initiative. With this initiative, Loesch combines all the ecological efforts with which we position ourselves among the competition as a packaging machine manufacturer that aims for sustainability.

The solution:

With climate protection projects, we balance out the emissions produced during the value-adding process. This is confirmed by an official certificate issued by a neutral body. In addition, we plant trees in the Piepenbrock Forest and in doing so even implement the "CO2-neutral operation" of our machines in production at our customers.

The sustainable strengths:

CO2 emissions produced during value creation in the Loesch company are balanced out by climate protection projects. As a second aspect, our CNP machines produce with CO2 neutrality in the first year of their operation at the customer in that we balance out all of the emissions produced by our machines by planting trees.

The inventors:

The innovation has been developed jointly within the framework of the "Piepenbrock Goes Green" campaign in the marketing department of the Piepenbrock group of companies and the marketing department at Loesch and implemented in the company processes at Loesch. 

Brief profile of the company:

Name: Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH
Headquarters: Altendorf in Oberfranken
Founded: 1919
Employees: approx. 300
Solutions: packaging machines and systems, mainly for the confectionery industry
International presence: more than 50 agencies and support points worldwide