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Liebherr 630 EC-H 70 Litronic tower crane makes new erection concept possible for wind turbines

Liebherr has developed a special tower crane for wind turbines with hub heights of 110 m or more in weak wind and wooded areas.

The challenges in terms of sustainability:

The challenge was in designed suitable lifting gear which requires very little erection and standing area for this type of usage. This means less logistical work for this special tower crane than is required for comparable crane systems. In turn this means fewer emissions from transport vehicles. Efficiency and sustainability even during use – with just a single guying on the turbine tower this allows very high hook heights of around 150 m to be achieved quickly and safely with the climbing equipment.

The starting situation:

The crane systems which have been used in the past for erecting wind turbines require a much larger area for the erection process. In addition these crane systems need a lowering area for the jib which in wooden areas, for example, means widespread deforestation. The aim was to make considerable reductions in the logistical work required compared to similar crane systems. This new concept for erecting wind turbines using tower cranes represents a 40% reduction in transport costs.

The solution:

This 630 EC-H 70 Litronic crane type is erected very close to the wind turbine tower in that it uses its foundation. In turn, this foundation can also be used for small tower cranes if any service work is required. The crane is configured such that the required hoisting height can be achieved with a single guying to the wind turbine tower with the crane still being able to hoist loads of up to 70 tonnes. The crane climbs to the required hook height using its own climbing equipment. The electric drive units also do not emit any exhaust fumes into the air.

Sustainable strengths:

As a result of the crane's low space requirement for the erection process and during use, resources such as trees, roads and infrastructure can be left unharmed.

The inventors:

Liebherr developed the innovative crane solution in collaboration with Max Bögl Wind AG based in Neumarkt. Mr Thomas Herse, Project Coordinator in the Technical Crane Office was responsible for this project at Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH.

Brief company profile:

Name: Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH
Head office: Biberach
Year of formation: 1954
Employees: approx. 1,200
Solutions: Construction cranes and mobile construction cranes
Global player: Yes

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