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Technologies of the future for a sustainable quality of life

Providing innovative technologies, plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers are ready to meet the challenges of modern urban lifestyles when it comes to mobility, infrastructure or general supply, and what is more, they do it against the background of increasingly scarce and high-cost resources.

Thus, plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers make a crucial contribution to the efforts of continuously improving the quality of life in today's societies. With highly efficient production processes and intelligent plastic and rubber products, the entire branch stands for all aspects of sustainability.

Energy efficiency and saving of resources at plastics and rubber processing

For decades, energy efficiency has traditionally played an essential role in the development of plastics and rubber machinery. Productivity has nearly doubled in the last 20 years. At the same time, the machine-specific energy consumption has been reduced by around 30 per cent though.

It is expected to cut machine-related energy consumption by another 20 per cent by 2020. Most of this saving will come from making greater use of energy-efficient technology combined with new drive designs, further increases in the productivity of plant and manufacturing processes, and from integrating previously separate process steps into new production lines. Major savings can also be achieved by energy monitoring to reveal energetic soft spots.

Dealing efficiently with the highly valuable raw material is also an important focus. Improved production processes and material properties allow material saving product solutions. Waste material – including scrap accumulating during the production process – can be recycled.

Examples for sustainable applications of plastic products

  • In automotive engineering, lightweight components allow saving fuel and, therefore, are essential for the reduction of CO2 emission.
  • Well-insulated buildings help to lower heating costs and, additionally, keep heat and noise from their residents.
  • Efficient agriculture, meeting the large demand of food worldwide, is not possible without careful protection of the plants or reliable systems of artificial irrigation.
  • Perfectly packed and protected food can be transported over long distances without losing any of its quality or freshness. Hygienic standards can easily be met.


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