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Innovative sustainable logistics solutions

A book, a hairdryer, the Easter present. Done - the online order has been placed. And often within just a matter of hours it will be on its way to us, the customers. This is possible thanks to better and better logistics systems within companies operating in the mail-order distribution business. This is just one of many examples highlighting what modern intralogistics is capable of today.

The interdisciplinary sector of intralogistics includes providers of a wide range of different products for the flow of materials and goods within companies. It is one of the largest sectors of the German mechanical engineering industry – and a very innovative one too. This is particularly the case when it comes to sustainable technologies and solutions.

Intralogistics helps to deliver energy savings in companies in a decisive way. It thus makes a vital contribution to economic viability and effective protection of the environment. And this is true along the entire supply chain, because intralogistics does not just stop at the factory gate. It also controls the transport logistics and optimises the route planning of delivery vehicles.

From innovative drive concepts and energy recovery right through to intelligent warehouse management systems, all of the possibilities are utilised. So that further improvements can continue to be made in the future, intralogistics companies also spend a lot of money on research. One example is the development of high-strength fibre cables for lifting movements in warehouse technology systems which result in a much lower energy demand.