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Hydronomic – water treatment with yield control.

Water treatment system for providing product water and process water, with enviro certification.

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

When water treatment systems are being operated, chemicals and water are consumed for rinsing the membrane/filter elements. During maintenance work, these are often replaced, although they have not yet reached the end of their useful lifetimes. The aim is to integrate modules of maximised energy-efficiency.

The initial situation:

In water treatment operations, a high standard of hygiene has to be guaranteed, so as to assure maximised microbiological safety during water treatment. This means that rinsing procedures featuring chemical additives are integrated into the production cycle, so as to prevent the system from being contaminated.
Water treatment systems require regular maintenance routines in order to avoid damage to the membrane/filter elements. Often, the entire membrane/filter elements are replaced even though no defined damage has been detected, which entails not only significant costs, but also high consumption levels of processing materials.

The solution:

For purposeful rinsing of membrane elements, what is called a bank-by-bank switch-off option for pressure pipes has been incorporated, which enables rinsing to be performed effectively in subcircuits.
With the aid of a trending program, changes in the water quality are detected, and rinsing is performed only when the defined limit values have been reached. For this purpose, defective membrane/filter elements can now be selectively replaced, while the non-defective ones can remain in the system.
The system also features an integrated frequency-controlled pump, which regulates the flow arriving at the membrane and filter surfaces in dependence on quantity, enabling the pressure inside the system to be kept at a lower level, with concomitantly downsized energy consumption.

The sustainable strengths:

Thanks to the change in the rinsing circuits, there are savings in rinsing water, and concomitant reductions in the amounts of chemicals admixed. The consumption of membrane/filter elements and filter media is reduced to actual fault/wear situations.
The Hydronomic system has been tested for media/energy-efficiency and eco-compatibility under the enviro certification procedure. Independent certification is thus also on file, from the technical inspectorate TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH.  The enviro sustainability programme is the company's own standard for the energy/media-efficiency and eco-compatibility of machines and lines, and has been certified by the TÜV SÜD technical inspectorate.

Brief profile of the company:

Name: Krones AG
Headquarter: Neutraubling
Year established: 1951
Employees: 11,389
Solutions:  processing lines plus filling and packaging technology, IT solutions, logistical systems for the food and beverage industries
Internationality:   production facilities in Neutraubling, Flensburg, Freising, Nittenau, Rosenheim, plus sales and service facilities in 68 countries worldwide