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Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mills

Competitive edge thanks to innovative plant technology

Without metals, above all steel and aluminium, nothing would work. There would be no cars, no televisions, no washing machines. Today there are over 2,500 different types of steel. They include some which actually make some sustainable technologies possible in the first place. Highly efficient wind turbines, for example. Combustion power plants with a high degree of efficiency or lighter and thus more economical vehicles.

However, the manufacturers of metallurgical plants and rolling mills are also pushing ahead with sustainable solutions on other fronts. Examples include automated processes in the production of steel which save energy in a noticeable way. Or new methods of aluminium manufacturing which allow very low material thicknesses and thus conserve valuable resources.

Metallurgical plants have become more and more environmentally sustainable in recent years. Whether you look at emission figures, keeping water clean, waste reduction or recycling, considerable improvements have been achieved in all areas. The sector has successfully adopted a path towards sustainability and will also continue to take account of its responsibility to the economy, ecology and society in the future.