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VICAMsnap! – Data capture and handling in one step

Semi-automatic data capture at manual workstations: Data is captured while the goods are moved across the read area of the camera.

The Sustainability Challenge:

Data from individual packages needs to be captured automatically while the goods are still moving. Additional conveyor technology that requires manual post-processing should be avoided. The goal is to save time while boosting employee  productivity.

Situation Overview:

now, capturing data on objects that needed to be manually sorted and processed further (e.g. small goods) has only been possible with hand-held scanning devices. In order to capture the data using this method, individual packages have to be taken out of a container, set down and read with a hand-held scanner that needs to be passed over the unit. Afterwards, the hand-held scanner has to be set down again and the individual package has to be picked up and moved once more. This method of data capture is not only time-consuming and costly but also requires the physical effort of the processor.

The Solution Sustainable Technology/Sustainable Project/Sustainable Service:

The compact VICAMsnap! camera captures your data faster and more ergonomically: Barcodes and 2D-codes on goods are captured while the processor has both hands to pass the goods quickly through the read area of the camera which is installed over the workstation. Data capturing is continuous and fully automated, omitting the need for manual processing.

Sustainable Strengths:

We use powerful, long-lasting LEDs that save energy and protect the environment. Our system saves you the need for additional conveyor technology. It requires almost no maintenance and can be used up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year thereby lowering the product life cycle costs.

The device is light and compact and can be quickly put into use. VICAMsnap! also ensures ergonomic working conditions.

The Inventor:

Engineer Gerhard Baer has been working at VITRONIC since 1984. In addition to his responsibilities as Operations Manager and Vice President of an affiliated company in Louisville, USA, Gerhard Baer is the driving force behind the development of innovative identification concepts and customer-specific applications

Short Company Profile:

Name: VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH

Headquarters: Wiesbaden

Founded in: 1984

Employees: 400

Solutions: Machine Vision Technology


  • Locations: Germany, USA, Australia, Lithuania, UAE, Malaysia
  • Support offices in the UK, France and Singapore
  • Worldwide network of distributors and sales partners