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Glass Technology


Innovative Technologies for a Sustainable, Quality Material

The glass machinery industry is one of the most energy-intensive sectors in the world. The term sustainability has been used relatively rarely in this context until now. Glass is an inherently sustainable material now proving increasingly versatile in times of scarce resources and growing environmental burdens – for instance, as high-quality heat-insulating glass or high-tech glass for photovoltaic or solar thermal applications. The degree to which it can be recycled is also unbeatable and this is something ensured by machinery and plant construction.

From batch handling and the mixing process to the glass melt and shaping process through to further processing and finishing, we are seeing an upsurge and further development in sustainable technologies. Energy consumption alone for the production of a ton of glass has been reduced over the past 80 years by some 75%. New furnace techniques along with filter and water treatment plants will further reduce environmental burdens and also minimise energy consumption in combination with ever more efficient drive technology. Add to this innovative processing methods for the most varied of fields of application as well as new recycling techniques for solar applications.

Thanks to innovative technologies this means resources and the environment will be protected, energy will be saved and overall quality of life will therefore be improved. Glass machinery technology under the umbrella of the Blue Competence initiative also stands for stable production processes and high-quality end products. This benefits both glass manufacturers and end consumers – regardless of whether they require flat, insulation, solar, hollow or special glass.