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Foundry machinery

Know-how for sustainable solutions

New approaches are making many things possible when it comes to casting today. The sector's main consumers such as the automotive industry are among the drivers of innovation. For example, following the trend for lightweight design in vehicle construction, techniques have been developed for casting lighter parts from cast iron, from aluminium or from magnesium instead of using heavier materials.

If weight advantages in vehicles lead to lower levels of fuel consumption, manufacturers of foundry machines have helped to achieve this. But sustainability is also always a primary focus for companies in the sector very directly. New technologies and concepts maximise the energy efficiency, availability, safety and environmental compatibility of their facilities.

When it comes to energy efficiency, for instance, many levers are being set in motion: The automation of various casting processes forms part of this. The same is true of energy-optimised components which only operate when they are actually needed.

Ergonomics and safety at the workplace are other key issues. This is because heat, noise and hazardous substances demand a special level of care and attention at the workplaces in foundries. The manufacturers of foundry machines play a leading role in the development of European safety standards.