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Fluid power

A guarantee of sustainability

The German fluid power industry is the technological world market leader and one of the most important suppliers to the engineering industry. This applies to both mobile and stationary applications.

Modern hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems make a significant contribution to sustainable production and efficient end products. They reduce the burden on resources and protect the environment.

In order to meet demands for sustainability, resource conservation and energy efficiency, it is possible, for example, to use powerful dimensioning, simulation and calculation tools. Only through the deployment of appropriately dimensioned components and systems is it possible to make efficient use of resources and realize the potential for energy saving in production operations.

Sustainable and economical production

In terms of sustainability and energy efficiency, the process is the decisive criterion for the choice of drive technology. Taking the example of an injection moulding machine, this means that either electromechanical or electrohydraulic actuators are used, depending on the sub- process in question..

Innovative, future-oriented production processes and products are paving the way for sustainable technologies, harmoniously reconciling the needs of economy, the ecosystem and human well-being at large.