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Substantial savings generated by the quick colour changing system for coating machines

The fully automatic Color Management System drastically shortens colour changing times while saving resources


Challenge aimed at sustainability:

The challenge not only embraced the optimisation of the colour changing process, but its entire automation in order to shorten make-ready times and to reduce solvent and paint consumption.

Initial situation:

Swiftly rising numbers in product colours required by our customers led to problems in the production process. The increasingly individual manufacture of small production numbers in the most varied colours restricted the economical use of the painting machine more and more. Each colour change resulted in a machine stop of approx. 5 to 10 minutes. The original colour changing process required the production to be interrupted, was time consuming and needed considerably more paint and cleaning agent.

The solution:

Venjakob has monitored the changing production requirements of their customers and in a partnership cooperation, developed the new Color Management System to increase the efficiency of the coating process. A complex control system for the quick colour changing system was developed in order to fully automate and carry out the process within 1 to 2 minutes. The use of the compressed air interval controls, which replaces cleaning agent with compressed air, additionally reduces the consumption of cleaning agent during the rinsing process. Short supply lines between the system and the spray guns help realising savings in paint consumption and achieving notably reduced paint loss. The quick colour changing system is suitable for all common and two-component paint systems.

Sustainable strong points:

During the colour change in a surface spray-coating machine, the quick colour changing system offers the following advantages:

  • substantial reduction in make-ready time
  • drastically reduced paint and solvent consumption
  • lowered disposal costs
  • reduced time and costs for cleaning and maintenance

The possible savings potential can be individually calculated using a special program, adapted to the customer's production process.

The inventors:

Our specialists in the research and development department have designed the quick colour changing system in close cooperation with our sales department and our customers.

Brief company profile:

Name Venjakob Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Hauptsitz: Rheda-Wiedenbr├╝ck
Year of foundation: 1963
Employees: 210
Solutions: Complete coating machine lines including pre-treatment and cleaning systems, drying and handling equipment as well as exhaust air treatment systems
Internationalaty: world wide with agencies almost everywhere