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Low-emission, efficient and durable drive solutions

Combustion engines are the core drive component of numerous industrial machines and plants. The manufacture of agricultural products, the construction of buildings and transport routes, and the transport of goods and conveyance of people would be just as inconceivable as the decentralised generation of electricity and heat and the provision of emergency power without combustion engines.

Manufacturers of industrial engines, together with their qualified suppliers, have taken account of the increasing requirements for climate and environmental protection. Today, emissions are a fraction of what they were in the 1990s. And combustion engines are one of the most efficient prime movers of all time. No other technology converts so much energy from fuel into movement, electricity and heat. In modern drive concepts, hybrid components support the engine where appropriate, thus increasing efficiency. If operated with biofuels, the engines can also function CO2-neutrally.

The durability of industrial engines is a decisive characteristic. The engines are used on a daily basis, sometimes around the clock and for years on end. When they reach their wear limit, they are given a thorough overhaul to make them almost as new, and are then able to perform their function for a good many more years before they reach the end of their product lifespan, are fed back into the raw material cycle and almost completely reused.