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Energy-efficient integration of industrial robots

Optimisation of electrical and pneumatic power consumption in plant design – detection of unknown, hidden losses


The challenge in terms of sustainability is this:

Reduction and optimisation of electrical and pneumatic power consumption in plant design – detection of unknown, hidden losses.

The initial situation:

During robot integration, investment costs are usually the focus. Ongoing consumption costs are only considered right at the beginning – if at all. During operation, they are often neglected in favour of allegedly increased productivity.

The solution:

Ongoing evaluation of consumption data and notification of significant changes: We offer the recording of significant consumption data within robot cells and systems as a standard item for every customer request. This permits the continual monitoring of the usual consumption data (power, compressed air, coolant, etc.) with a reasonable investment. Connection to a higher-level machine or plant data collection system (MDE/BDE) permits easy central recording and makes centralised reactions possible. Even simple notifications in the user interface can notify the operator to correct for example leaks in the compressed air supply within the system. Detection takes place in known operating modes. If the usual air consumption changes, then an appropriate message is generated.


Sustainable strengths:

This helps our customers to keep systems in their optimum operating modes. According to internal reports from our service department, over 60% of all systems for which we have been consulted have had leaks.
By recording consumption data and by means of messages on the user interface, steps can be taken to correct them easily. 

The inventors:

The development was conceived and designed in our preliminary development team.
However, more important than the development is its implementation as a product, since correspondingly higher investment costs must be justified.

Brief profile of the company:

Name: Erhardt + Abt Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
Headquarters: 73329 Kuchen
Year founded: 1997
Employees: 62
Solutions: Robotics and automation
International character: Austria, China, Czech Republish, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey