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DORNIER EcoValveControl – EVC

This intelligent control unit achieves considerable compressed air savings during filling insertion at the DORNIER air-jet weaving machine A1

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

As a matter of principle, the aim is to find ways for saving energy during the whole weaving process, in this particular case to reduce the compressed air consumption during filling insertion.
The challenge is to reduce the switching times of the valves without disturbing the filling insertion. This would lead to a sustainable reduction of the compressed air consumption.

The initial situation:

The thread flight time couldn't be determined exactly with the calculation and the technology available up to now. For this reason it was necessary to increase the switching times of the valves which however caused surplus air consumption, i.e. compressed air was already consumed before the filling thread arrived at the respective relay nozzle. The challenge was to find a way to permanently determine the actual position of the thread tip during the filling insertion, so as to open the individual valves right on the point for the onward transportation of the filling thread.
The solution results in a considerable reduction of compressed air consumption and consequently in substantial energy savings.

The solution:

The new FT-control initiated by DORNIER in connection with the Fast-Ethernet-Technology allows the secure transmission of maximum data volumes in real time.
By analysing once more the filling insertion, the position of the filling thread could be determined – at any time of the insertion – by means of an arithmetic average.
Thanks to the newly developed control unit „EcoValveControl" EVC, the electronic system knows when the filling thread (pos. 2 in drawing 1) arrives in the area of the respective relay nozzle group and only then the solenoid valve (pos. 3 in drawing 1) is activated. Now the valve is opened only when the thread tip (pos.4 in drawing 1) is directly in the area of the respective relay nozzle group.

The sustainable strengths:

The parts marked with yellow in the columns (see drawing 2) show the considerable potential in compressed air savings amounting to 10% - 30%, thanks to this intelligent electronic control. This device is also available as retrofit solution for particular types of DORNIER weaving machines.

Brief profile of the company:

Name: Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
Headquarters: Lindau/Bodensee
Year established: 1950
Employees: approx. 1000
Solutions: Weaving machines, film stretching, drying technology
Internationality: Subsidiaries in the U.S.A., China, India and Turkey