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Construction Equipment and Building Material Machinery

Towards a green future in construction with a holistic approach

There will always be a worldwide demand for construction work and building material. They are needed to provide infrastructure and help improve conditions of human life. No matter if on the domestic or foreign markets, German manufacturers of construction equipment and building material machinery are well equipped for this and have an excellent reputation in the entire world. Many a company is a technology leader. Construction machinery is also often used when it comes to pushing the energy revolution, for instance, by high-tech rotating tower cranes setting up enormous wind generators or special and highly innovative drill and foundation technology being used to fix offshore wind farms in the sea.

The manufacturers of construction equipment and building material machinery always focus their research and development projects on human life and the environment. Innovative improvements in construction equipment are nearly always reducing noise, dust and/or exhaust. The main aims are to use raw materials and resources efficiently throughout the entire construction process, to reduce fuel consumption in mobile machinery, to increase the performance of machinery and equipment, to enhance quality and automation, to obtain better networking in the production of building material and have innovative construction processes, to get new impetus, but also to increase safety at work, to combine function and design, and to improve cost efficiency and have new service concepts at hand.  
In order to reduce CO2 effectively, for instance, every element of the construction process needs to be checked closely. It is not only the machinery itself, but also the technical procedures, the work process, the operator and the particular drive used that influence the entire performance. The bottom line is the effect the entire construction process has on the environment. To put it simply, a typical question could be "how much CO2 has been avoided when building this motorway?" The interaction of these stated individual elements the industry sees as its holistic approach. Their actions and activities are based on this and they offer solutions with this regard.