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Lifts and escalators

Energy efficiency and free accessibility

The manufacturers of lifts and escalators are demonstrating how you can save energy and improve quality of life at the same time. They are reducing the energy costs of buildings with innovative technology. And designing their systems to be accessible ensures that there are no restrictions on use – even by children, sick people, elderly people or disabled people.

Enormous energy-saving potential with lifts

There are around 650,000 lift systems in Germany alone. More than half of them are over 20 years old and no longer up to scratch in terms of energy performance. Replacing old systems with new solutions offers enormous energy-saving potential. This is because modern systems consume up to 45% less energy. In Germany, this would allow 600,000 t of CO2 to be saved every year.

Higher quality of life thanks to free accessibility

Even today, more than 20% of our population is older than 64 years of age. And this trend towards an ageing population is set to continue. But people's ability to move declines as they get older. It is no wonder that, as well as disabled people, increasing numbers of older people also require free access to where they live without any barriers. Modern lift systems have an increasingly important role to play here, particularly in cities.