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Power Transmission

Innovations as the guarantor of sustainability

German power transmission is an internationally acclaimed and leading supplier industry and provides the basis allowing complete systems to be operated in an energy-efficient and sustainable way.

Power transmission products and systems conserve resources and protect the environment. They do this firstly by allowing more efficient and thus more sustainable complete products. Secondly, they provide the technical preconditions allowing many sustainable products to be manufactured in an economically viable way.

Resource-conserving and efficient products and production processes

Even in the actual manufacturing phase of products, a great deal of energy is often required. New power transmission components can result in considerable savings here. Innovative power transmission solutions often require less energy than conventional alternatives. Modern motion control controls a drive train in coordination with the overall system very efficiently and thus reduces the power loss.

Manufacturing sustainably and economically

What use are the most sustainable ideas for products if they cannot be manufactured economically? The innovative solutions of power transmission help many sustainable solutions to achieve the breakthrough because they lower their production costs. German power transmission already offers energy-efficient system solutions today, for example with renewable energies or wind turbines, efficient drive trains in vehicles or more intelligent production. Wherever there is something that turns or moves, power transmission is part of the solution. Based on innovative processes and production procedures, the sector is capable of being the pioneer for future-viable technologies both economically and sustainably and is able to cater for the key triumvirate of the "economy, environment and society".