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MOVIGEAR, the mechatronic drive system compliant with energy efficiency class IE4

With the mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR, SEW-EURODRIVE is the first drive manufacturer who succeeded in recognizing the trend for mechatronics early and to place a series product onto the market. 

The challenge:

Electric drive technology is an important factor in the worldwide effort to increase energy efficiency. The consumption of electrical energy can be significantly affected by using energy-efficient drive components. Depending on the application and the drive technology components used, up to 50% of energy can be saved in comparison with conventional solutions.

Maximum energy savings call for innovative solution concepts, such as "mechatronic drive systems".

But how is it possible to

  • develop a compact and energy efficient drive system with three individual drive technology components (motor, gear unit, and electronics)
  • improve the overall efficiency to an optimum level
  • reduce the life cycle costs of the system
  • ensure its use across all applications and material handling industries

The starting position:

The legal stipulations and the requirements of system manufacturers and operators had to be met or even exceeded when developing the mechatronics drive system MOVIGEAR:

1. More stringent climate measures of the governments to reduce CO2 emissions, such as motor regulation 640/2009 and ErP Directive 2009/125/EC
2. System manufacturers and operators expect more profitable, energy efficient, flexible and modular drive technology components and at the same time place high demands on standardization in particular in the field of decentralized installation.
This means an innovative solution had to be developed that not only has a positive effect on the energy balance of the operator but also on all the costs during the life cycle of a product (installation costs, startup costs, maintenance costs, etc.). 

The solution:

The mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR – Overview of features:

  • Motor, gear unit and electronics are combined in one component
  • Compact design, optimally suited for an efficient layout of conveyor systems
  • Highest motor efficiency due to a permanent-field synchronous motor, meets IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency, according to IEC 60034-30).
  • An efficiency-optimized parallel-shaft helical gear unit is used
  • Energy-efficient options, such as the dynamic deceleration function DynaStop: No energy is needed for releasing the mechanical brake; This saves up to 5% of power based on the motor power
  • Dimensioning in line with demand: High overload capacity allows for dimensioning in line with demand meaning lower installed system power with highest overall efficiency
  • Increased efficiency due to new electronic components and adjusted control modes

The overall system efficiency can be increased by 10% to 25% compared to conventional solutions

More technical advantages:

  • Simplified system planning and design
  • The power of the drive engineering components is optimized to suit the application
  • A reduction in the number of variants allows for developing and designing standard materials handling systems with pre-fabricated and tested standard modules; lower storage costs as a result
  • High degree of protection
  • Hygienic surface design for applications in hygienic areas
  • No air, dirt and germ swirls
  • Low noise emission due to operation without fans (suitable for use in manual work stations)
  • High degree of reliability due to systematic development of all components
  • Reduced total costs and operating costs of the materials handling system

Sustainable strengths:

Numerous practical examples have shown that investments in energy-efficient technology, such as the mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR, can amortize even after just a few months. In horizontal materials handling technology, for example, amortization times of about 1.5 years can be achieved.
Seen over the entire life cycle of the system, the investment will result in permanently low operting costs.
With the mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR, SEW-EURODRIVE is the first drive manufacturer to have certified the combination of efficient gear unit, motor and frequency inverter according to the TÜV SÜD standard "Energy-Efficient Plant Technology".
This offers customers an additional point of orientation for selecting an energy-efficient drive unit. The outstanding energy efficiency properties of the MOVIGEAR system and the resulting saving potentials are now also substantiated by a new function of the SEW Workbench project planning tool: the energy consumption analysis.
The "energy report" generated during the analysis, which is certified by TÜV SÜD, shows the total energy consumption for the specific application as well as the configured drive train and forms the basis for selecting the most energy-efficient drive technology.

In addition to this, SEW-EURODRIVE aims to combine modern production with active environmental protection. Numerous sustainability measures were incorporated, for example, in the new plant for large gears in Bruchsal. Among these measures are the installation of a photovoltaic system or using the waste heat from process technology, which reduce CO2 emissions by over 1380 tons a year. 
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Company profile:

Headquarters: 76646 Bruchsal – Germany
Founding year: 1931
Employees: weltweit über 14.000
Solutions: Antriebstechnik \ Antriebsautomatisierung \ Systemintegration \ Services
Internationality: 75 Drive Technology Center in 45 Ländern